About us


To create work practices so replete with safety that collaborators are as much being refined and healed by the process of production as those who receive the products they create.

To steward best practices.

To rewrite modes of operation. To resist modes of efficiency and profit motive that sacrifice integrity and instead create an entirely holistic way of working. The Woodland Pantry method/lab food studio in Kingston, NY is our inaugural project launching this mission into fully integrated and real time practice. 

A collaborative space in which the coalescence of safety and beauty beget regenerative systems; where intuition arises, informed by texture, color and energetic curiosity. Here we discover, learn, remember and remind ourselves of our best ways of being so we can best take care of ourselves and one another.

OFFERINGS at the heart of Woodland Pantry’s food studio / method lab:

specialty catering


plant walks

food as medicine goods

product development




I am an artist, in process, perspective and creation. Over the last decade, my artistry has materialized in my work as a forest farmer, plant steward, herbalist and kitchen witch. Plants and food are my principle mediums currently and though they hold their own specific characteristics in terms of healing potential, I believe any medium can be used to communicate our creativity, reverence and inherent connection. 

Japanese-Spanish in heritage, Canadian by birth, I now live in the Hudson Valley of New York. My upbringing in the hands of contrasting cultural traditions, as well as my travels, necessitated the inner work of reconciling dissonance, which previously left me feeling isolated and confused. Intimacy with nature reminded me that separation is an illusion. Surrendering to both paradox and the infinite depth of connectivity in the context of my relationship to the natural world has been the healing of my lifetime.

I have worked as a creative director in the fashion industry, as a team manager for the world’s largest wild simulated ginseng farm, in botanical product development and manufacturing, as well as a  farmer and as a cook. The guidance of nature has led me home to my calling as a conduit for plant medicines to be regeneratively utilized in this world. All being is relatedness and at heart, we all desire to be heard, seen and respected. This is the reality I communicate and cultivate within my work.