TREAT yourself

TREAT yourself

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A limited release special offering of medicinal nuts and cookies to nourish, fortify and balance. Elevated treats to demonstrate self-care can be beautiful, inspiring and even a pleasure.

Anti-viral/ anti- inflammatory / adaptogenic /  immune-fortifying / cognitive support REISHI MAITAKE GINGER SPICED NUTS

Anti-inflammatory / pain relieving / adrenal support / vitamin + mineral rich NETTLE TURMERIC DULSE COOKIES

A sweet collaboration with my dear friend and peer Chimes Bakery to demonstrate the power of synergy and working with reverence from start to finish. Wildcrafted and fermented ingredients carry the energetics of generosity and gratitude just like the tender infusions from our heartened maker hands that produced this nourishment diligently with passion and integrity.

The assembly of this parcel will give opportunity to Woodland Pantry's neuro-divergent workers to have a hand in delivering this heartfelt goodness to you! In heart covered boxes by yours truly of course!

A parcel of intentional love and care from a team of grateful hands.

Treat yourself, or treat a friend or beloved.

Shipping is on us, we look forward to treating you, thank you for the pleasure!


a sanctuary located in Ojai California for rest, transition, connection and nourishment

address provided upon confirmation of attendance


Help us inspire. Help us nourish the community. Help us create a safe and empowering work place for those whom need respite and support.